I can facilitate conversations in your community about the following topics: 

  • Children and existential limits

  • Talking about hard topics with children

  • Creating family rhythms that support spiritual growth

  • Storytelling and sharing your own spiritual journey with your children

  • Children's literature that supports spiritual growth

  • The importance of silence and reflection in family life

  • The Family Calendar (Create a circle of the year that represents your family, faith, environment, etc.)

"Nurturing Children's Spirituality Workshop" is a basic overview of Children's spirituality, that touches on all the topics on the  list above, but covers most intensively the concept of supporting children as they encounter basic existential limits like death, meaning of life, etc. This workshop works well as a parent engagement or parent education offering, adjustable in length from 1-2 hours.

Other topics on the list above can be offered as stand alone workshops or as part of a series in Children's Spirituality.