The Image

This is usually a focal point of the home altar. Sometimes, it’s a piece of sacred art depicting Jesus. For me, most often a depiction of Jesus is the focal point of my altar. Sometimes the image is of something else entirely. Photographs of loved ones on their birthdays, print outs of art representing Saints we celebrate, sometimes kid art or my own.

Your home altar can be a spot to meditate on and explore different images of Jesus. This is a place to wrestle with the sacred images we are used to. Not to always have the same one, or the one we are most comfortable with. In the same way that we are always expanding our language, impressions and experiences of God, this is a place to also explore the image of God. Find images of black Jesus, brown Jesus, Jesus who is feminine or androgynous.

Sacred Spots at Home

One practice that has sustained me for many years is making altar spaces at home. These little spots have been touch stones for me, anchoring me to my location in the liturgical calendar, and the natural world. I started an instagram account for these little spaces and you can follow along @sacred_spots_at_home for glimpses.

I’ve wanted to start the blog on this site since I began it, but wasn’t sure how to jump in. Lots of introduction? Tackling a topic? Essays? Poems? Instead of any of that, I’m just getting this out there. I think I was inspired to start the instagram account to share ideas for these altars and building blocks of creating them. So I’m thinking of this blog space as a longer form companion to that.